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Wall Hanging Decor Craft n Art

Welcome to the collection of wall hanging decor. Selected and tailored for all walks and moods of life. If you are looking for wall décor in any form you will certainly enjoy this space.

We have kept in mind the asthetics required, the price range, the variety and satisfactor and many more factors to think of.

All the below selected products are 4+star rated (while writing.) Spend your time efficiently.

Do you really know what a wall hanging decor can do? Yes it does a way lot more than you can think of. We have a huge selection of wall hanging decor to choose from. whether it be flower, names blocks or small arts and craft all in one place.

Take your time to see and enjoy the wall haningings from which suit all and are made for all.

30 Best Decor in Wall Hanging

Flower Wall Hanging Decor

Peacock Wall Decor Hanging

Peacock Wall decor can come in many forms. First of all the major debate is to decide whetehr you want an orignal feather or a synthetic one. Orignal feather has its own charma nd look.

Although synthetic ones too have made a mark.

Peacock is dependent upon use. Weather it be only decor use or purely Vaastu (Affiliate Link) use or a bit of both. Depending on that you can have much options and great selection.

Below we have selected from various element available online.

Some are personal favorites and some are based on analysis of the decor, use price and much more.

Have a look at our selected peacock wall hangings gifts and if you want you can read the top peacock wall hanging list given below.

Best part about peacock wall hanging is they are a childhood memory for all. Whether it be mela or some outing, this was one of the tender attraction which you always wanted.

  • Peacock wall hanging decor has some limitations.
  • It comes with a high maintenance cost.
  • It is not easy to clean peacock decor. If it is original then it way too hard to clean.
  • Too much fragile and soft.
  • Wear and tear is shown in seen easily. Meaning if it get old it is clearly visible to eyes.
  • Not replaceable: It will be very hard to get a new peacock decor of same type or style.

Crochet Wall Hanging Decor India

If there is something which has heap of varieties and ample of color selection in India, then it has to be crochet wall hanging decor options. Is comes in so many variants, it is really hard to think of something immediately.

We have selected crochet based on likes of our female staff and public reviews. Not all design are the best but the quality is great and not all quality is as per our personal requirement. You will have to make choice within this span when buying crochet wall decor.

Crochet Wall hanging decor can be used not on in living or bedrooms but in versatility. Like it can be made hanging over the TV with the same crochet decor working as TV overlay.

Similarly in bedroom it can have various effects from lamps overlay to head rest over lay of bed. It may be wall hanging but can have the versatility to cover many things at once.

Have a look on one of them and from there start your exploration

Best part about crochet hangings is they are wat to reasonable and has many more options and themes. This is not possible in any other themes or types.

We do not see crochet as a machine product, because the beauty after making is like the hand made and the finishing is great. We still try to find something in crochet wall hanging which is handmade. But it is hard to come buy.

Coming Soon More in Wall hanging Decor

Working on them

DIY Wall Hanging Decor

When it comes to DIY decor for wall hanging the options just do not end. To finally come to a final judgement and select something we have given some ideas.

First of all figure out something easy you can do in wall hanging. If you are just starting out. Because it is quite irritating in the beginning if you take a real mammoth build.

Next select the type of DIY build, from what it shall be made.

Once done, you can select the items for DIY build from the list given below and start building whatever beauty you want.

For ideas you can refer to pinterest, but it is no fruitful. Instead of building something you keep scrolling for next something out of the world. Please take this from my personal experience. I have wasted many years.

You may bethinking even if DIY decor on pinterest may help you still I am not allowing you to take advantage. You can, if you commit yourself to not exceed more than 10 mins for DIY wall decor inspiration.

For Detailed DIY wall hanging build guide read this. (In making)

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