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  • I personally discuss the way and means in which a desk can be made your home. I call it because it is the one on which we spend most of tth eimrt worrying about. 12 hours are spent on desks atr home or in office. So its is technically a ahome for the poeple working on computer. So it is out 😉 duty to get it donje the way it sootyhes us. I have divided this article in all the sections and rela life experience in design which started with helping a friend.Withpuot wasting your time I am gogh tops hare the tiops adn., You do not have to read the entire articles. But you have to check which topic falls clsetst to our thinking andmove from tehre. We have suggestions based on the explanations if you want to check you arfe welcome.W\Her we are discussing designa dn better todo thing. Pinterest is tehre alwa\ready, We are here for before designj concepts which you should thonk nof befopreinvesting moneyw at ll. In all the passions you folloe
  • ThemeDesk decor is not about filling all your childhood fdreams at one place. Often tme I have seen people getting all things cluttered up at onece. It is not the way one should design the desk. We should plan on first how we need ouujr desk to be. Do we require other mateiral on the desk uo\ite often or do we reqouire mmost of the things art onee palceSpce out first. Hwo much space you want to allot of the desk. Is this the final desk a\or are you pallning to get a new one in next few months if its a home desk.Allot the space. Then think of the theme which you certainly like and wont be disturbed with while working., Like moving ducks and dancing fiugurines always distube a lot f you have crammed desk . The periphjeral vision always will se them.So think accordingly.Now theme should be either natural or figirines or a SUBTLE misture of both. Becausew we as huimans are never satisfied with the look no matter how mjch aeffort we put in.Fo exaplme you tghink of a natir teme. Where is you get the small plants real ones ad artificial ones aon your desk. Or a bamboo planter or something of that sort. You can add fiuguirines to it but iot should npot be 5 natural objext and 10 figurines. Then there will beno theme.Similarly when you fo for the figurine theme, make sure yyou seth the number of figures befor buying and cramming them all. If say for example there are 20 figures all you want. Make a theme of 5 eash ad keep rotating them between., witrh that you can have a new theme every week. Do not completement the figurines with more oabjecxt as the changing of theme will becomea problem, if there are way too many objects.If yuy go for nature theme then make sure you kjnow the after consequences of maintainijng tjheme nad making iut becuitidful. Becuase tjhe theme you use immatters more than anything else.
  • Office vs homeNow we shoyld always fdoddferenytailte ebrween office and hoem desk. Because office desk is visible to the entire sfloor and we do not want out\r inner identitied to be shown everywhere.I dfo agree with it. Even I never wanted my thinking to beknown to all the floor. THus i designed the desk accordingly. Office desk may be smaller or divided between 3 of us. If you have cubical structure then you can go for completely anything you want. Most of the tie poeple fdonot entre the cubuical they takl standing. Although as metioned donot show you inner thoughts. In office too yo can fog for amytheme but make sure your theme is going to touched by many and the cleaning staff as well. If you do noy want them tpo touchathen office desk needs to be done by you. All these factor s arfe mentionedc not for demotivating you but to make sure you do not have burden of decoration and maiuntaing it, The whle idea of desk decor is to give your thoughts a brake fromthe cotinuous thnking of occei and other tyhoughts. desk decor acts as a relaxatiuon for yure fday t day workj., A detour for detox.Space: Alwasy consider the coming in of collegue, working 2-3 proplee and makeing you you leave ample space fopr all these things. You reports and desk pins up shouldalso habe a lot of space.Home desk: No ned to worrry if youi are abachelor then there is not need fo enathing. But if on the other side whihc is arriage, then every inch matters. You need ot have a precise desk with e\all the maintenance at yourhandf. You do not have to get the things cluttered up so youjc annot hev them clear and clean. Also theme at your hhome would be a mix of natural and figurines if you are a male. When it comes to her you can have the universe of designs.Dsk size location. If natural is the them then a bit f sun light is a good option. With all this fashio you ned to make sre your desk does scream productivity else all this will be i vain. Consider kids, thriving by, faling of things and getting things misplaced. Ifg kides then do not go for thing whic break easily. Because we shouldont scold a kif and we cannot watse money on thing which do not log enough with us. Consider if tits being shared by someone else. or by wide. Always make sure you consider these besica thjings before youmove on to the ew desk.
  • ClealinessClealiness is completely based ion thow mjuchgthing youn r dsk has. If natural tyheme the clealineeds would a bit more and daily check is necessary if Figurines then only dusting wouldbe fogod enough. That too in a week. But with natural theme you have good oxygen aournd you and better color to look for. Gee is good for eyes iunetad f red n spyder man.
  • Ease of workdesk is for working design is an external part of the process. Alwyas think for someextra space for dicument sdfiaried and all other things like 2 cofee mugs. Because sooner or later they are going to make some space ion your desk. Water bootle. So easy of work is including all the necessarythiug on the dsk including your laptopn or ven an unplanne\d external extra escreen for your lappy.
  • DistractionlessDesk design is tookae you feel comfortable cozy and happy. But not lazy and distracted. Yiu eed to eliminate moving objects as stated earlier. Elase yowill have hard time concenrtrate., Staionary objects do not dic\stract that much. Initially you wioll look at them often but then eventually you will get the han og of uit., So make you choice. If you like hanging or moving parfts go for it,.
  • Colour factorWe all love kids room to watch and see. But If we are reqyuierd to live in it wwe will get bored quite easliy. Beacaus ewe asre past the colorful phase and now like and love mder themesd phase. So natrual theme would only have gree and ome earthly color. You are accustomed to since birth. Because it naure so they wont ber too much for you., But if you are getting some objective theme like cars and planes then the colors which you choose hsould be chosen properflu. More of tred and black and adrk blur etehnd ot disdtract andmake you irritatd IF theose are you favoutite hen fo for it but doe not keep add more and more f it. If yiu are going to make only one forthe major part of rthe theme then do it. It wont matter to the eye that much as it wold go makr less. But lioke if you add all red then it mihgty be a problem for you eyees. Evertything will be so poerfull for you\r eyes.Thus choose accrdingly. M\ixture of subtle color and dominance of one on\\coloor is tehy way maximum people want to go for.
  • How to proceed
  • Selection of objectsDecorativesWe put in all those thijgs which arepurely for decornation they hae noattachment t anyn fthe the prcess or productivity thig.Like ribbon light stands. led striuips and anythig uder sthe sun. Girls aremore use to this. You can go for these bt make sure you keep them clutter free. Like if you go for the baby pink theme or yellow them the deo not add light which glitterand chnage patterns. May thi9s is an exctreme example . But you get the ijut. Do not choose extreme polls.UsefulsUsefull are somethjing hihc cplaydual role in your desk decor desig. Like an rganizer,. It can act as an holder as well as sheets stand and miuch much more. Consider adding atleast tghis one to the entre setup its qwuite usefujl.
    • Types of objectsFragileObjects acn be categorize i and fragile are theones whihc should be added very carefully. First gthey are expensive And they cannot be made back. or repaired. If you have really a cleana nd clutter free design then go for fragule ones if your desk is secluded from home and ther stuff.BeautilTHings which have no name but look greatand beautiful anf serene should also make space on tyuy desk decor toiur. Objects like ships anad abstract design make a greatmeaning if you are one of thyem who are the think tank of everyghig and on everytwheer.HardAll other fall into this. The fighurines, cars, psts brass, coasteras and anythig ther thing yoiu can think off.If you want a great design of for desk decor. Then go with a subtle mixture of these objects and your own theme.
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