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Top 5 Best Floating Shelves (Budget Edition India)

Shelves are a real need with so many things lying around. In Top 10 best floating shelves we have selected the best budget floating shelves available right now.

We have made sure we get to add all of the best designs and looks.
We have selected the best floating shelves from each category, like the ropes ones the separate floating and the unique floating shelves as well.

The selection today is based on aesthetics and design of the modern home and living room settings. Thus we have added a choice for every user.

We also have some neutral choice which can fit into any environments whether living room or bed room or kitchen.

So let see which suite you the best

#1 Top 5 Best Floating Shelves Budget Edition

Best Budget Vah Wood Wall Floating Shelves for Living Room (Budget)

  • Material: Wood
  • Color: White
  • Finish Polished (Gloss)
  • Quality Rope
  • Good Weight Capacity

From The Vendor

Display with ease and keep your memories organized while decorating your walls when you see your wall after using this product you just said vah.

Great for hanging student’s pictures, projects, weekly assignments, achievements and more. Project display: you can use this hanging display board unit for other things as well.

Rope Hanger are the best when it comes to design and decor on a budget. Comes in a comfortable and adjusted size which should most of the spaces you are planning on.

Secondly the base in light and made with wood. The white tone of the wood finish shall suit all the design themes and colors.
The rope is of quality and would not be like the older ropes (called kathya in regional language.)

So overall if yo like something hanging then this is ultimate choice with subtle and least design with maximum impact.

Simple design
Quality Rope
Weight Capacity
Where can you place this? (Suggestions)

This is good for living rooms, bedrooms or outdoors.
In living rooms can be used for all and any decor you personally like to be in its place.

In bedroom I would suggest for books and reading. Outdoors can be used for small plants and not huge ones.

Not For kitchens. If placed, there is a possibility of getting sticky and dirty. And the rope cannot be cleaned in a easy way thus should be avoided.

Can be used as a shelf for indoor small or desk decor plants.

But the thing is it is very sensitive and prone to pulls and pushes. So should be avoided on lower height if you have child family member at home.

#2 Best Worthy Shoppee Floating Wall Shelf Mounted Bookcase

Best Floating Shelves Brown (White) For wall Mounting in Budget

  • Beautiful budget floating shelves premium MDF
  • Coated by eco pure White finish
  • Sturdy and Durable: The premium material makes the durability, reliability and sturdiness of the shelf extremely great
  • Which ensures it can hold up to 3.6kg weight.
  • Besides, it is easy to clean.

From The Vendor

These beautiful floating shelves are suitable for the living room, dining room, bedroom, study or office.
This set consists of 1 large rectangle box, 2 small cube shelves and one shelf that will become the focal point of any room.

With an invisible mounting system, these shelf cubes are easy to install and serve as the perfect place to store the items such as awards, books, collectibles, ornaments, etc.

Great in design and aesthetics and beauty. Built with durable MDF material and Eco paint which has no fumes or irritating odor.

Separate Containers
Various Sizes
Eco Paint
Buy on Amazon

If you are looking for modern look with more flexibility then this is a great choice to begin with.
These are selected by keeping in mind the newest feels and home decor needs we have.

These have versatile look and the looks can be changed quite often and easily.

Where can you place this? (Suggestions)

You can use this separately or in conjunction with shelves you have. These can be used separately or together as a whole unit. Should be placed together if you have ideal space for them.

Suggested use would be display and some important stuff to pick up if possible.

If in living room then display is the only purpose. In kitchen can be used for crockery storage.
Not suggested for bedroom as this much aesthetics is not needed in bedroom.

Even if you want this in bedroom can be used for books and other important stuff or daily use stuff.

#3 Best Worthy Shoppee Floating Wall Shelf Vertical Design Book Shelf

Vertical Best Floating Shelves (White) For Best in Budget

  • Decorative intersecting floating shelves
  • Made of durable MDF laminate.
  • Great for Collectibles
  • Easy to mount with all necessary hardware Included.
  • Hardware is not visible when mounted.
  • Made Of 4 Different Size Squares
  • Comes in a Pre Assembled State
  • Space Saving

From The Vendor

Four storage cubbies decorate your living room in a way that you get WOW feeling every time you see it.

These cube wall shelves give you enough space to keep your all decorative.

Vertical Design
Space Saving
Lightweight Material
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Personally I liked the vertical design and assembly. Now this is something purely for a study room and versatile enough to be the best floating shelf in living room as well.

Space is something we all really strive for. So in case you are crunching for space or corner is getting wasted then this is the deal for you.

Where can you place this? (Suggestions)

No chance of separate use. As the mix beauty looks well well assembled.

Cannot be used separately. Else the entire deign is killed. Can be used in kitchen in outer spaces where there would be not much dirt and stickiness.

Also can be used for corner spot to fill in with beauty in bedrooms and other utility.

Thus can also be a good choice for utility or other day to day things pickup spot. Like keys, papers magazines. But not that graceful. Provided you place it near the living room entrance door it will be amazing.

#4 Artesia Wall Shelf with 4 Shelves (White) Wall Mounting

Best Floating shelves with Versatile design make. Best budget with premium look

  • Primary Material: Wood
  • Color: White
  • No Assembly Required
  • Easy to hang and comes with hardware
  • Plain White
  • Wooden Made

From The Vendor

Artesia brings to you this wall shelf which comes with 4 shelves.

The wall shelf is made from wood and is white in color.
It features a contemporary design. The shelves can be attached to the wall of your living room and bed room for a vibrant experience.

Mixed Design
Separate use
No Assembling
Many Designs possible
Buy Now On Amazon

Best Part about this is the assembly less design. Comes in 2 formats. Like the flat rectangle traditional rack shape, then the cute cube shape.

Due to separation you can use them at your own will. Like One in the bathroom or other in the isle way. This can be managed the way you like.

Where can you place this? (Suggestions)

This is meant to be placed in living or display rooms only.

Because of the versatility and goodness of color this is perfect choice if you are not able to decide with what and which and how.
This will you many options on placement usage and design as well.

Can be used for books Below the TV container, above the sofa, filling the blank wall space based on utility and wall art design or decor.

It can be placed in nearly 80 combinations which would be a great look addition to the themes of your space.

Completely thematic design support. As the white color can adjust anywhere and the best part is it comes in wood. Not MDF. So a long life is certain.

#5 Best Amaze Shoppee Wall Decoration Floating Shelves Budget Set of 6 

Color Combo of Floating shelves available on a Premium Budget high quality

  • Made in India Product
  • Engineering Wood
  • Semi Glossy (Lacquered)
  • Ideal For Keeping Rooms Tidy And Organised
  • Assembly – Minor Assembly Required
  • All Screw and Wall Plugs Included with Product
  • Assembly required

From The Vendor

Add a touch of modern flair to any room with this piece intersecting rectangular floating wall shelves wall mounted bookcase storage display organizer.

This set consists of 6 units with square angles in a simple yet sophisticated design. Hang them side by side, one below the other or stagger them for a unique impression.

Mounting them in different areas of your home helps unify your decorating style.

No of Unites
Color Combo
Value for Money
Storage capacity
Buy Now On Amazon

If you are looking for a single unit which be placed in the living room with a bit of subtle theme then this would be a choice for you.

Comes in set of 6 and grouped in 2 units. Can be placed any way you want.

It is made of engineered wood and a semi gloss finish. It comes in with a sprayed finish called Lacquered.

Where can you place this? (Suggestions)

I would like this to be placed in the living room and or waiting rooms if its an office. Because using these in small rooms would kill the purpose of the grand and beauty it speaks for.

The vibrant color red makes a good impression whenever someone enter a place and it is mostly living room. So this is a great way to make an enhanced look.

Usage should be mostly designer and display. By designer meaning displaying small frames of wall art and or Small figurines of the types you like.

Or artificial wheat grass plants can also be kept in there.

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Reference and Reading

Best floating shelves budget Question before buying

Which Material in Floating Shelves?

MDF is made from fine wood particles, which is great in finishing and loks. But if the wall has wetness to it over time it may get a bit damaged.

Wood: Any wood which is good and light weight for the shape is used.

Engineered Wood: This is a wood made from different types of left over from actual wood cutting in the plywood factories. It is light weight and has more design capacity. rather than

Before Buying

Make sure you know the types of material you are buying. You can decide for indoor and out door use. Like MDF for outdoors is not a good option. Wood would be okay.

Versatility, if you get bored with designs like I do and want change every month. Then buy something non assembled.
Which will give you option to move the same floating shelves to another location.

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Still if you are not able to decide then figure out the place you want to fill it with. decide on the units needed or the future plans you may have for the wall.

And then buy something which can be of multi use or should not be assembled.

Else if you have fixed on all the looks and things then any assembled one would be a great choice for you.

All the above Top 5 Best Floating Shelves are the budget editions and are good value for money and quality.

MY Story

I personally learned furniture making watching you tube. When I had to buy a table for my PC. As a bachelor I was always on the move and always left with no furniture.

But I had all the things necessary for a home.

So I started to learn wood working and bought all the tools and basic machine. It was fun and real joy to get started. And it was very reasonable to make these at home.

But its very manual work and hard labor and takes a lot of toll on your energy. Thus I would not suggest going for a DIY route.

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