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Best Bamboo Hanging Planters for Home Decor

You say this mostly when your floor becomes red and bad due to traditional pots.

“And the floor is bad again. Wipe off the sand off the floor. Or I will Snipe You”

by – Every Mother Every Female

Kids and kids and Male worst than kids when it comes anything fr home decor. (I am a male by the way šŸ™‚ )

Thus I have today the selection of Best Bamboo Hanging Planters for Home Decor.

You can also you for your for terrace garden decor or even Desk decor. These are the light weight and absolute choice if you are planning to have clean home with fresh air.

Below we start listing the product and the best suggestion we have. If you are interested in how we select, please follow the index given below.

For the impatient one’s here are,

The 3 Best Bamboo Hanging Planters for Home Decor.

Top Bamboo Hanging Planter Single NAOE

A Hanging bamboo planter For single plant. Made out of a single bamboo piece smoothed and finished properly.
Varying length of 38 cms to 50cms. Great for all types of home or desk decor.

If used for home decor, then for internal as well as external balcony plants.

Comes with a strong cotton rope for the hanging. Can be clubbed later on with another. Using this rope for clubbing and another one for hanging.
A ladder can be made if you want wall based hanging planters.

Completely flexible and easy to use.

For whom?
If you are just starting out on hanging plants for any indoor or outdoor use then this is the best beginning.

If you plant to make hanging planter’s ladder on a budget then this one is the way. Start with one at time.

If you want to get more value of money then they have set of 2 Bamboo Hanging Planters offered at reasonable price.

Best Handmade Hanging Bamboo Square Shape Planter

This is my friends favorite which has four sides to it. This one is one of the best hanging bamboo planters decor for home.
This is suitable for people who are having open balconies or open space. And can hang them even in the center
This is the option of growing 4 different plants on one single hang. Loved the design and the stability.

The benefit of this is it suspends easily and you do not have to maintain much. No experimental DIY with it.
The problem with DIY stuff is it needs to be checked and maintained. Because there is always a fair amount of chance it may collapse. Thus I prefer more of ready made with this kind of things.(Hanging planters)

Who should Get this?

If you are just starting out and you are confused between single bamboo planter and this 4 sided bamboo planter, then go with this.

Reason, this is the one which will give you options to plant 4 of the plants at once. Your an get into the groove and then start your won small garden project.
And once you start with gardening you can go ahead and get the wall hanging planters and make steps or ladder out of them.
Seeing this 4 sided planter will remind you always of moving further in your planting hobby.

Bamboo Hand Made Hanging Wall Planter (Vertical)

This is the one most liked because of its dual nature. It can be made use for indoor as well as outdoor decor. This comes in a set of 2. Again this can be implemented on various ways like on desk in living room.
This is also with the capacity of home as well as desk decor.

You can create an ark of the same plant and keep it in terrace.
Multiple arcs may be real good reasons for this.


  • It can be used on desk as well with real plantation. As it is covered with cotton balls.
  • It can be modified to use as a paper dispenser,
  • A pins stand.
  • Or even pen stand with a bit of support.

I loved this for the versatility. Even if you are not sure whether you will love planting, this will come in handy for all the desk things you can think off.

Comes with rope. Imported product.

Personal touch.

I personally always like plants and plantation. Iā€™m not in it since childhood.
But since I started living alone and figured out watching TV is just a waste and cannot be expressed.
I wanted something to carve out of me. I started with plantation in a plastic bowls.
I wanted a hobby to just feel the nature and to get a feel of creation.

The real point started when I had an office friend who wanted this to get it done. I started helping her and soon I was keen about everything.
As I have always stayed in rented spaces. I started helping and maintaining and then ultimately started selling these services to the friends of friend.

Started with maintaining complete garden in her balcony with additions and deletions over months and she started referring a lot.
Now I research a lot and discuss a lot. So one of my clients suggested me to go online, and thus sharing with you.

Selection of the Bamboo Hanging Planters is done based on

  • Decor

For home decor, we need something very subtle and easy. Not too appealing or not too boring. Thus these are a great mixture of appeal and decor for home. The can be used internally and externally. Thus on the list of best hanging planters for home decor

  • Use Case

We define use case as something which could be used in more than one way.

  • Like these bamboo hanging planters can be used for plants of course.
  • If you get bored you can switch them to hold beautiful stone and keep them as desk design.
  • Use them vertically to keep papers.
  • Make a night lamp out of it.
  • The plant hole it has can be used for keeping things for desk decor.
  • Use as paper napkin dispenser.
  • Quality

We have selected the ones which are a good combination of quality ad comfort. Thehse are the thing which are not bought daily. And once bought, they stay with us for almost life long. Leaving certain cases. These are hand made and imported bamboo hanging planters

  • Accessibility

This is based on how easy the hanging planters are to change maintain and keep along with you. We all know we have very limited spaces eve in luxurious flats. We have a small area allotted to everything.The maintenance is done on a small desk.

Thus these are the best choices to get started with. rather than getting a bamboo cut and then doing it all together is quite hard.

  • Cleanliness

If anything is too tedious to work with, we always procrastinate. ANd I do not want you to procrastinate to clean the suggested products. Because deplaying casuses everything torot and its not a good sign.

these are really easy to clean just unlift open cotton swabs and you ahve to push out from one side with water or stick. A

THe upper pening is easy to clean just use blower toblow off any dirt it may have.

The cotton ropes which are attached can be easily washed in single wash.


I have shred almost all things necessary to get started with a bamboo hanging plater you can buy. If still you are not sure where to start or completely dejected no worries. Start small. Start with a small plantin a plastic jar or glass jar.

Move ahead with it and then start doing it on a planter.
My final suggestion would be the single bamboo planter its is one of the best starting points for all my clients as well.
Also It has many versatile looks and feel to it. If at all you are not willing to get there then you can use it for desk decor instead of home decor.
That’s all I have now about the Best Bamboo Hanging Planters for Home Decor

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