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3 Best Child Buddha For Desk Decor [Gift]

We give 3 Best Child Buddha For Desk Decor choice for selection. Experience from gifting in secret santa and office birthdays.

Always love the desk decoration in terms of figures and items. Not frills and long shots.
I was skeptical initially because we had lot of dust and dusting those items is really irritating.
But since I joined the office everything changed.

Personally I think desk figures do play a really great role in decorating your desk.

Giving you a desk identity.
When it comes to figures it’s really something that can speak for you.
Instead of just a blank space

Although there are people who like bland spaces. Anyways, today we I have got something of Buddha stature which denotes peace and peppiness.

Below are the pics which we have done and including the my favorite session

One out of 3 Best Child Buddha For Desk Decor

The first one is peace cute adventure figures. I recommend figures resemble something in our day to day life.
Like these. They inspire action and excitement.
There is nothing better than those figures as they are the ones you look at.

So the first one depicts cute Buddha karate kids.
They can be desk decor as well as a gift items for a male friend or even female.

Looking them in blue is beautiful as blue denotes peace and calm.
One of my favorites, not the favorite color.

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So I really like them. They are in all the stance or pose.

  • This is What? I know What they depict.
  • One with complete ready for everything,
  • the other one shooting for the skies, and
  • one ready for the fight and then the other
  • one they are submissive as well but with self-respect.

This is something one should really have around.
They make sure we do not get carried away with aimless thoughts.

Two out of 3 Best Child Buddha For Desk Decor

I have the actual depiction of Buddha with merger of Gandhian principles of Do not hear,see or talk ill.
Yes the three monkeys.
But in this case beautiful child Buddha.

This is one with a twist. One of the Child Buddha has a stance of amazement and happiness.
Which in turn states you will be happy if you follow the first three stances.

This plays a very beautiful role.
No matter what kind office space you are in.
You will always be reminded to leash your devil inside you.

Even if you think it is story driven, it works.

3rd Best Child Buddha For Desk Decor

This I have is my favorite one. It has the power to display childhood and the state of meditation.
Connecting to the Cosmos/higher self.

A stature which displays beautiful nirvana.
A perfect Nirvana styled gift.
This is a certain addition to your desk because the stance is meditative which helps you keep calm in all situations.

So this figure certainly invokes feelings and behaviors of calmness and stillness within.
That is the whole points of the figure.

Best Child Buddha For Desk Decor

Last one on the list if you did not find anything beautiful above.
I have this for you if you like to touch and path things on the desk.
If you do this going to good.

These are similar to Gandhi’s metaphor via monkeys.
But they are cute little gifts as child Buddha. Having these will always make the desk cheerier and merry.
Provided you do not have very, I mean very bad neighbor.

You should avoid these if, your peripheral vision is quite active and you get disturbed easily.


These are not the only choices. There may be thousand others. But these are the curated ones for you to shortlist or you can check for yourself. We gave you the starting point.
This isn’t the only best child Buddha for desk decor.

You can also consider this as a gift to anyone in office and for all occasions. It is unisex in nature.

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